The Perfect Weekend

I am grateful for the perfect weekend. Traveled to a quaint small town to play a show with my band. The crowd was very enthusiastic and I feel grateful to have been in the presence of such positive energy. The following day I played in an ultimate tournament. It was great to be outside in

How To Treat Bacterial Vaginosis

Approximately 33% of women experience Bacterial vaginosis or vaginitis at some point of their life. The cause of BV is bacterial infection.A bacterial named gardnerella vaginalis causes this vaginosis. Are you wondering how To treat bacterial vaginosis? This is a simple condition and can be treated by antibiotics.Usually the bacterial is present in female genitalia

Green Diarrhea

If people discover that they have green diarrhea, the first move that they might do is to panic. Actually, more often than not, the reason why they are experiencing occasional green stool can be quite simple, which means there is no need to worry. Most likely, the cause is fairly normal, and so it is

Phen375 Review of Weight Loss Supplement

The Phen375 is the new weight loss pill that is available in the market today. If you want to become slim, then you should try the phen375 slimming pills. Most of the doctors recommend that if you want to become sexy and slim, you should eat less so that you can burn more calories. Losing

Rough start after vacation

Summer has started off with a real bang for me. Last Sunday I started running a 102-103 temperature. I know things were not looking good when i was shivering at the water park at Sea World! I ended up missing my final day of teacher check out and an in-service because i had to go